The journey of an Idea; where it begins? Its significance through time, and what an unfortunate death it meets!

How an Idea is Born

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It is generally thought that if you focus hard enough, the little bulb above your head just lights up and voila! You have yourself a lit idea (pun intended, sorry). The process in reality though is much more complex.

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The human brain is a magnificent labyrinth, interwoven bit by bit with information, that can crack the code of life.

Everything in creation begins from an idea, and the idea itself begins in the right side of the human brain, that is responsible for imaginative thinking, risk-taking, looking outside the box; in simpler words, creativity.

This is a beautiful article on creativity by my favorite Slytherin

As you are thinking about a certain subject, the left brain processes it logically, while the right one is busy doodling all over the place. When both of this information is put together and sieved through previous knowledge and personal intelligence, that is when an Idea is really born.

What’s interesting is that the process is not unique to a certain group of smarty pants who are better than you at math, but it is the innate capability of every human being.

You don’t have to be special or different to put forth an idea that can be both.
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One key point though, is that when you are relaxed and not thinking too hard, that is when ideas are flowing more smoothly and efficiently through your pretty brain curves. In my case, the best ideas come to me mostly while I’m either doing the dishes or taking my time in the bathroom. But, it varies from person to person.

So, when in a rut, you just have to give it some time and be easy on yourself. And when you least expect, it will hit you like a lightning bolt what an underrated genius you have been all along!

Ideas and Man

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If we look around us, every man-made object our eyes encounter, is a spectacle of human imagination brought to life. We stand witness to such remarkable minds, who leaves not much room to question 'Why the human race keeps escaping Natural Selection?'

The Caveman's idea of producing a fire has provided us heat ever since.

Alexander Fleming’s revelation of antibiotics against infective agents, has saved innumerable lives over the centuries.

Walt Disney’s idea of entertainment is spreading millions of smiles, every second of the day.

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J.K. Rowling’s ideas reflected in her books, opened the gates of fiction among writers and readers alike.

Steve Jobs’ idea of the modern smart phone, has revolutionized today’s technology as we know it.

So, there is an endless list of such exemplary cognitive minds, whose sparks of creativity have transformed the human way of life altogether.

What sets Homo Sapiens apart from the rest of the living species, is the power to think more complexly and productively. None of the influential figures in the past were born with extra brain cells, so if they wrote history, we can rewrite it.

You matter. Your thought process matters. Do not underestimate the power of your cognition, as it can leave a mark for a whole eternity.
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The Tragic Death

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Now you may wonder, how is it possible for an idea to vanish from existence, once it has taken a material form? The answer is simple:

It gets murdered by Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an evil that has been lurking around since the presence of virtues like jealousy, laziness, negligence and the likes of it. It’s when a person is unwilling to disturb the peace of their mind over a task, and they choose to steal someone else’s creative input instead, and label it as their own.

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Plagiarism is a crime that also threatens serious self-harm, as it not only devalues the efforts on the part of the creator, but also stripes the thief of their personal intuition and originality.

There is a very fine line between Inspiration and Duplication.

It is okay to be inspired by someone’s creativity and try to recreate the thought, but always remember to keep your own flare in it; your own mark.

And give credits. It is as important to acknowledge someone’s brain storming, as it is to applause their physical input.

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The whole idea behind writing this article was to say:

Be easy on yourself. Inspiration comes from within just as much as it does from without. Look closely and you’ll find what ignites the spark in you, fuel it with determination, and you can be as Extra as any Ordinary.


A lot of brain muscles were flexed to finalize this little piece, so I really hope you enjoyed!

Have a lovely day/night! Much Love! ♡

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