What Is An Erasmus Programme?

It is an education and training programme enabling students to study and do internships abroad. It is mainly focused on students from the European Union and it started to include other countries only recently.

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What did I have To Do To Get In?

1. Find The Perfect University
2. Pass Language Exam or Obtain A Certificate
3. Send An Application

STEP 1: Choosing a University

First I had to choose 3 universities that I would like to attend. My school cooperates with many international universities so the list was quite long and I went through it all. I was first choosing on the basis of location as in which countries I would like to visit. Depending on my priorities, I checked the list of subjects the university provides. I was trying to make sure that it fits my schedule at home so that I don't have to take extra exams when I get back.

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STEP 2: Language Proficiency

This step was super easy for me as I already had a C1 English certificate at home. You have to have at least B2 level of the language you are going to be studying in at the foreign university.

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STEP 3: Application

Application at my uni was possible through our student system and all I had to do was check the answers applicable to me and then write an essay justifying why I chose this university.

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Scholarship Money

Erasmus programme helps you with funding of your stay. The money usually covers your accommodation and maybe something extra but definitely not all your expenses. The money depends on the country you are visiting. They are divided into 3 categories starting on funds of 300 euro per month up until 500 euro per month.

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