Hello hearter's welcome to my article today I am doing another fun challenge: the aesthetic challenge I hope you enjoy reading as I did doing it.

1. Time Travel or Space Travel

car, pink, and vintage image vintage, retro, and 90s image 70s image hippie, rainbow, and peace image
time travel

2. Roses or Wildflowers

Temporarily removed flower, pretty, and rose image Image removed جوري and طوق الورد image

3. Rainy Days or Stormy Nights

Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed Image by celinamurad_1
stormy nights

4. Swim in the sea or Gaze at the stars

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, friends, and summer image girl, summer, and beach image

5. Mermaids or Dragons

Image by aa mermaid, pink, and grunge image dragones image dragon, fantasy, and aesthetic image
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6. Movie Theater or Arcade

gravity falls and gravityfalls image 80s, arcade, and game image Temporarily removed Image removed

7. Carousel or Roller Coaster

abandoned, Roller Coaster, and fun image photography, red, and fun image amusement park, carousel, and ferris wheel image Image by 🦄unicornsarereal🦄

8. Moonlight or Candlelight

book, books, and candle image Temporarily removed moon, night, and road image beautifull, moon, and moonlight image

9. Tea or Coffee

autumn, comfy, and cozy image pink, aesthetic, and arizona image Image removed chocolate, drink, and food image

10. Early bird or Night owl

dreamy, full moon, and owl image Image removed Image removed Image removed
night owl

11. Cats or Dogs

Image removed cat, grey, and hunter image animal, dog, and pet image dog, animal, and pet image

12. Werewolves or Vampires

Abusive image blood, vampire, and drink image ariana grande, Halloween, and ariana image vampire, lips, and purple image

13. Makeup or No Makeup

Brushes, lipstick, and makeup image home storage, girl summer, and makeup beauty image makeup, eyes, and beauty image Image by 👑💕Carolina💕👑

14. Silver or Gold

glitter, silver, and photography image coffee, glitter, and grunge image Image removed Temporarily removed

15. Tattoos or Piercings

Image by Celly tattoo image piercing, earrings, and ear image girl, medusa, and piercing image

16. Straight hair or Curly hair

Temporarily removed hair, blonde, and hairstyle image Image removed girl, hair, and beauty image

17. Christmas or Halloween

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image pumpkin, Halloween, and autumn image

18. Fire or Ice

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed rose, fire, and flowers image Temporarily removed

19. Pirates or Ninjas

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Mature image aesthetic, warrior, and bakugan image

20. Rap or Rock

music, grunge, and nirvana image classic, music, and rock image mac miller, rip, and mac image Image removed
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21. Freckles or Dimples

Temporarily removed freckles, girl, and smile image Image removed Temporarily removed

22. Downtown or Countryside

autumn, fall, and home image nature, bed, and sun image japan, street, and aesthetic image aesthetic, downtown, and san francisco image

23. Short hair or Long hair

hair, girl, and beauty image Temporarily removed hair, hairstyle, and braid image Temporarily removed

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