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Since WeHeartIt has a maximum of links used in an article, I had to split my "all my collections" article into 3 seperate parts. Here you can find all my editingneeds, editing inspo, editing help and themes. The themes are divided into two parts: It starts with the colour-themes and goes on with the filtered or random themes.

The other articles:

  • overview
  • part 2 (fandomstuff)
  • part 3 (aesthetic & randomstuff)

what you find in this article

  • editing inspo stuff
  • editing help
  • overlays
  • colour themed overlays
  • colour themes
  • filtered/random themes
  • my social media/...
  • other important collections


editing (edit | ...)

  • editing inspo:
Here you can find other peoples edits, which look good, so you can get inspiration for your own edits.
  • theme divider inspo
This is basically also an edit inspo collection, but for theme dividers.
  • my own edits
This is the collection for the edits that I made. (I am not the best editor, but I love doing it.)
  • editing help
apps, tutorials, whi searches,...
  • filters
vsco filters to make themed pics
  • fonts
cool fonts for phonto
  • all my overlays
in this collection are all my overlays but I´ve put them in more accurate collections too.
  • backgrounds
backgrounds for edits; some "filters" like lightnings or drops
  • celeb pngs
Here you can find pngs of some celebs
  • fandom related overlays
These are overlays with any connection to fandoms, like ari bitmojis or overlays from different tv shows
  • band overlays
I am an emo band trash, so here you have got a whole collection with overlays about rock/emo/... bands
  • music overlays
overlays with overlays related to anything about music (lyrics f.e.)
  • popular overlays
overlays that are popular (I think)
  • aesthetic overlays
kinda weird collection of overlays of the weird aesthetic type (idk, check it out yourself)
  • my favourite overlays
this collection is about the overlays that I like using.
  • templates
templates are overlays in which you can insert pictures of celebs, that the edit looks more interesting and cool
  • text overlays
all overlays with text in it
  • computerstuff overlays
mostly templates which show computer stuff
  • polaroid overlays
templates in form of polaroids
  • "headoverlays"
overlays to put over the head of the celeb, like flowergarlands or snapchat filters,...
  • patch overlays
overlays with patches
  • overlays for themed edits
masks to use with themed pictures to get a cool themed edit
  • fashion overlays
overlays of clothes / backpacks / shoes /...
  • food overlays
overlays of food stuff
  • cartoon / figures overlays
overlays of figures (cartoon characters, drawing ocs, ...)
  • emoji overlays
overlays of emojis
  • flower / plant overlays
overlays of flowers / in general plants
  • animal overlays
overlays of animals
  • makeup overlays
overlays of makeup
  • art overlays
overlays related to art
  • transparents
transparents are overlays, which were verly popular around 2014, but now nearly nobody uses them anymore. they always were very cute
  • pixel overlays
pixel overlays were also very popular around 2014, but sometimes still used today
  • book overlays
this collection is about overlay, which are related to books, reading, ...
  • lgbtq+ overlays
overlays related to the topic lgbtq+ (queer stuff)
  • space / alien overlays
overlays related to the topics space and alien (because I like it lol)
  • creepy overlays (Halloween)
dark or creepy overlays; related to halloween, ...
  • autumn overlays
overlays related to autumn (leaves, hot chocolate, coffee, ...)
  • christmas overlays
overlays related to christmas
  • pink overlays
overlays with the colour pink in it
  • purple overlays
overlays with the colour purple in it
  • green overlays
overlays with the colour green in it
  • blue overlays
overlays with the colour blue in it
  • red overlays
overlays with the colour red in it
  • yellow overlays
overlays with the colour yellow in it
  • orange overlays
overlays with the colour orange in it
  • black / white / grey overlays
overlays with the colours black, white or grey in it
  • brown overlays
overlays with the colour brown in it
  • gold overlays
overlays with the colour gold in it
  • overlay collections
collections of different overlays in one picture (often from instagram editing help pages)

colour-themed pictures (col | ...)

  • yellow
  • orange
  • peachy
  • red
  • wine red
  • dark red
  • light red
  • red glow
  • pink
  • pink glow
  • rosegold
  • light pink
  • pastel pink
  • dark pink
  • purple
  • light purple
  • dark purple
  • purple glow
  • blue
  • blue glow
  • baby blue
  • sky blue
  • light blue
  • matt blue
  • dark blue
  • turquoise
  • green
  • dark green
  • pastel green
  • olive green
  • green glow
  • light green
  • beige
  • brown
  • black
  • grey
  • white
  • clean white
  • black and white
  • gold


themes (the | ...)

  • themes
themes from which I found more than 3 but less than ~ 15 pictures
  • mini themes
themes from which I found less than 4 pictures
  • blue mosaic
  • crystal blue
  • jeans blue
  • blue purple glow
  • pink vibrant
  • pastel pink vibrant
  • pastel pink teal
  • peachy vibrant
  • golden glow
  • orange & green
  • colourful quality
  • dusty quality
  • pastel minimalist
  • cute minimalist
  • dirty glamour
  • dirty angels
  • loving memories
  • clean indie
  • tropical jungle
  • tropical
  • holographic
  • galaxy
  • autumn


other important stuff

my profile


I heart editing stuff (overlays, theme pictures, filters, editing inspo, fonts,...); bullet journal stuff; aesthetic stuff; celeb pics; tv-show stuff; band & music stuff; art & writing inspo and some random stuff; Furthermore I write articles.

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  • snapchat: felisophiena

other important collections:

  • my articles
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