Oh man I'm not even sure how to start this one. I've always had the worst luck when it came to things. I was diagnosed with depression my 8th grade year. My dad doesn't believe in depression and when it gets brought up he just tells me I need to go to church more because my depression is just demons in my head that's an easy fix. My mom has intense anxiety and she's also an alcohol addict. It's really hard just screaming for help and no one even turning their head in the slightest. I am constantly envious to those around me because it feels like everyone always has something that I want. A loving parent, anti depressants, a good home, a nice friend group, money. It feels like nothing ever goes my way and that'll never change. I'm so sick of everything in my life, I feel so restless and I just want to run away. I use to try to look at life as I shouldn't take things for granted and someone out there has it worse but as time goes on I just lose hope, happiness and I'm just slowly mentally shutting down. Things don't get better, life doesn't change, and depression doesn't fade.