hey friends! has it been a hot minute or what? well hope you’re in the mood for a rant today because here we go.

snapchat sucks (and heres why)

I really hate Snapchat. Like I really hate it. Why, you may ask? You’re wasting your time. Just sending pictures of the sky or half of your face or a black screen to people non stop every single day. You’re addicted to that ping. All for what? A little number next to a flame emoji or a “snap score.” Do you realize how pathetic you are? It doesn’t take a connection to be friends, rather a streak on Snapchat. You can’t even make small talk, but you’re best friends with the girl who lives in Iowa that you’ve never met. You don’t know anything about her. But since you have an “AA/“ or “🔥243” next to her name on a screen, you’re “friends.” Here’s the truth: the longer you’re doing this, the more you’re destroying your actual friendships. “Streaks” don’t mean anything. They aren’t friends. They’re people you’re using as a popularity stunt. And the longer you spend snapping selfies and checking to see who’s typing is one moment less of building a friendship that could actually last or mean something. These aren’t the relationships that end or are even damaged because you’re no longer in their “best friends list.” These aren’t the friends you see stories of with girls at parties bending over. I don’t think I can explain how surface level this “snapchat culture” really is.