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Oh my gosh how did i even forgot it?? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE +100 likes on my first post it makes my heart so happy you can't even imagine i didn't expect it at all! TYSM ILY ;-*

I wanted to write another article for We Heart It and I don't know how exactly but i had this idea. Let's talk about a serious subject. I've seen a lot of articles here talking about themes like mental illness, people who're self conscious and insecure and empowerment, I'm so happy and proud to see that a lot of people start to talk about these themes and help around them. There's a lot of teenagers who are depressed, anxious and recently i met an incredible girl on instagram who told me that she's homeschooled because of anxiety and she's only 14 or 15 i don't remember. I wanted today to share my experience maybe it'll help. If you're wondering how old i am, i'm actually 15 and you may not take this article seriously after this but yeah I wanna do this. So these are some tips and advices I want you to know from my experience.


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It's really important when you're a teenager to know how you feel. So you can talk to someone about your feelings or if you just don't want to talk to someone, write it! It really helped me because instead of crying a lot and screaming on my parents i just put all these emotions on paper. That's why i love writing, it's a good way to shout out... in silence. Also, sometimes when I finished writing down all my problems and all the things that make me currently mad, they immediately have less importance. You would not believe it, but it works.

Motivation videos

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Wow it sounds so dumb but it's actually not. There's a lot of really good and aesthetic youtubers on Youtube who do weekly motivating videos about DREAMS AND PROJECTS, PRODUCTIVITY, POSITIVY, SELF LOVE, ORGANIZATION, even GLOW UP. It's so motivating and inspiring. These help me to believe that anything is possible, it's not too late to change and be the person i've always wanted to be! These youtubers give really good advices and i'm always reboosted after watching their videos. There's a list of my favorite ones:

  • jusuf
  • studytee
  • emma (it may be hard to find her with this simple username but she has like 278k followers and 337 videos, her real name is Emma Johansson give a follow on instagram she's stunning!)
  • Alivia D'Andrea (especially about glow up and health)
  • AmandaRachLee
  • Sadiesayshey (a lot of routines especially)
  • InspireWithMe

The rest of the list is composed by french youtubers so if you speak french message me then i'll share them with you :)


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Live a passionately curious life!

Be involved in the world and the surroundings! Find a passion or some passionS. You shall have pastimes. You don't have to go out if you don't feel it. It's normal, you're in search of renewal, you want to learn to live again, don't worry we go step by step. For example my biggest passion is WRITING but I kind of locked myself in my own pain while doing it (i don't know if it does have sense sorry). So i found new occupations like INSTAGRAM. The photography made me happy. Also MUSIC. Music made me happy. Do something that will make you happy. Art, sport, music, dance... Find YOUR THING! Next step? Search if you can practice your passion in group. If you like dancing maybe there's a club dance in town or at school. It could be hard the first time, but keep going, you're motivated, you can do it! I made a lot of new friends on Instagram and it made me so happy because i found people LIKE ME and it helps me to feel better.

I would'nt lie to you guys, the real thing that helped me to end my teenage rebellion was SOMEONE. This person if I can say "person", was next to me since always. I knew him, but actually, not really. He was not very important to me, then I realized how much he could help me, how much he loves me and how much he could do for my happiness. Even though we don't have the same beliefs, take a little time to read this last point of my article, it means a lot for me:


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To be honest, Jesus took a huge part in my personal development. I started reading his Word and I discover how much I'm important. I thought I was dumb, ugly, useless... i thought i deserved to die. Jesus told me I'm beautiful, clever and also that he has a mission for me. He has a mission for everybody. We went through a lot of hardships together. I discovered that i'm so privileged and thankful because all the good things that happened to me especially the littles, are from his grace. Everytime I pray, everytime I count on him, I know I will not be disappointed. I discovered faith. When I talk to him, I don't know there's something particular like when u meet a boy and then you feel like you're in love with him because there's something really intense between you. I found the kind of relationship i've always expected from the others in Jesus. A best friend, a father. Jesus made me happier, more positive. Now i'm trying to live more deeply, with passion, love and kindness. Personnally from what i've learned, christianism is way more a relationship than a religion. A relationship that changed my life in an incredible way, at the only age of 13. I'm 15 now and i'm always trying to learn more about God and to grow up in his Word and his Grace.

It's not too late if you wanna know him. You can start with that:

  • Movies. "The Shack" and "Woodlawn" changed the lives of so many people. Give it a chance :)
  • Music. Christian music makes me litteraly cry rivers everytime. Stay tuned i'll post an article about my favorite ones soon.
  • The Bible! obviously yeahh
  • A youtube channel that also helped me: Coffee and Bible Time, and I'm also watching Joyce Meyer's videos. She's incredible, she has also changed me A LOT. She's like a mom huhuuuu.

Hope this article helped you! I took so much time to write it, you know i don't speak english fluently hum like i'm actually trying. Also don't forget YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Don't be afraid to talk about your problems, to the adults for example it's really important to find help. I love y'all so much.