In schools are differnet people, aand some of them i have written down below. You can read them now.

1-The nerd

This person is with glasses and they have all A. But there might be any cool nerd, like this one..

boy and tumblr boys image

2- The popular

This is the kid that everybody knows, and it is known for not very pleasing things.Even tho she is beautiful.

body image

3- The squad

This the group of students that always stay together, and do everything together.

friends, fun, and boy image
I am part of one, but i like more whene there are both girls and boys.

4-The rebel

This is the kid who don't really cares about others and do whatever they want.

Mature image

5- The sweet one

This the one that is so kind with everyone. I am too.

bad, feminism, and Hot image

6- The mean one

The means are the ones that ruin everything, and they think they are the best but in fact they aren't.

girl image
She maybe is the best, I don't know her so don't judge I am not calling her mean.

7- The sleeper

They look like they haven't sleep and they only have time to sleep on classes.

boy, school, and guy image

8- The eater on class

They are always hungry so they eat on class too

bucharest, sleep, and train image

9- The one who is always late

They never are ready in time

funny, student, and period image
this is what we should say.. haha

10- The person you didn't know went to your school

You thought they were new but you just noticed them.

night, outfit, and style image

Of course there are other types of students but I wrote only about those ones.

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