Who would throw it?

My friends would plan the party, but it wouldn't be a surprise. I would know that my friends were planning to do something for my birthday. The mastermind behind the planning would be my best friend Hailee Steinfeld.


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Makeup and hair

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Instagram posts

@tomholland2013 posted at 8:03 AM:
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This sleeping beauty is one year older today. I love you darling, happy birthday @albapxrez
@albapxrez posted at 9:46 AM:
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@tomholland2013 is the first one to treat me today. Thanks for breakfast babe 😋🍨
@robertdowneyjr posted at 5:13 PM:
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Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest girls in the business. @albapxrez
@albapxrez posted at 7:56 PM:
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I can't believe you planned all of this @haileesteinfeld love you girlfriend ❤️
@haileesteinfeld posted at 10:33 PM:
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Happy birthday gorgeous. I wish you the best of the best, you deserve it. 💕 @albapxrez
@albapxrez posted a slideshow at 11:25 PM:
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Thanks to everybody for coming. It was an amazing night. Best birthday ever!