If you want to built a big booty, this is for you too, but mostly for the whole body

For many years I went to the gym without realising that my muscles will not grow if I don't eat enough. I always tried to lose weight and become muscular at the same time, so I barely ate anything and thought a protein shake after a workout will do it. It just doesn't work like that. If you want to get leaner, more muscular and stronger, you need to eat A LOT but right. Eventually your body will be more shaped.

Remember to eat 5-6 times a day. Food is fuel, not the enemy.

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She is Hanna Öberg, she has good YouTube videos about lifting so go check her out for amazing tips!!! (Hanna Oeberg)

Macros / protein

I don't count my macros, but I do check every day that I get enough protein. You need 1-2 grams of protein per one kg of bodyweight, which is not easy to turn into pounds tbh haha. So if you weigh 60kg, you need 60-120 grams protein a day. Got it? I weight 90kg, which is almost 200 pounds. (Yes, that sounds a lot but remember muscle weighs more than fat). I eat 180 grams protein a day or a little less. And don't eat too much protein, it stores as fat.

Make sure you have enough fat and carbs too. You need 5 grams of carbs per kg of bodyweight and fat 1-2g per kg.
Fat should be mostly from good sources. Good examples are avocado, peanuts and fish.

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Catabolic state

If you haven't heard of this, you should definitely find out more about it. I don't have the time to start teaching the science of this, but in a nutshell:
if you don't have enough protein at breakfast, your body will stay in a catabolic state after the night. It's the same after a workout and well kinda the whole day. Just eat enough protein in every meal!!!

At least 20 grams protein per meal is good.

Pre workout

Eat well 1-2 hours before a workout. On days when you feel tired, you can have some pre workout supplement. They are high on caffein and taurine. I usually take BCAA-supplement before or during workouts.

During workout

Make sure you have a water bottle ALWAYS at the gym with you!!
If you feel like it, you can order supplements ment to be taken during workouts, for example carbohydrate drink which keeps you going and gives you energy. But I recommend it only if you don't have a sensitive stomach or you don't care about your weight and want muscles.

Post workout

After a heavy workout, don't have a protein shake. Get a recovery shake: quick carbs and protein. Or if you don't find a supplement like that, have a banana and a protein shake post workout. It helps you recover quicker. It also helps to build muscle. Have a large and good meal within a few hours, earlier if you don't have a post workout drink etc.

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How to burn fat without burning muscles?

Do HIIT-workouts or go for a run in the morning with only protein/BCAA in your body. The second one only works if you have been eating well the day before, because you won't be able to run that much without energy (obviously)

Tips for HIIT-workouts here:

How to do cardio without burning any muscle

Cardio in general will burn your muscles if you do it wrong.
If you want to do cardio (and you should because it's good for you), do it after lifting and only if you have taken a post workout (carbs and protein). Or if you have separate days for cardio, eat a little bit more that day.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you learned something new and important! If you have questions about anything, come and ask! And if you just need a gym rat to talk to and share your thoughts, here I am.

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