Hi ,so I'm giving this article thing a go.. I've loved reading so many others and thought mehhh why not try it? So I love music..a LOT of music,different styles for different reasons and these reasons can vary from day to day depending on my mood. My taste is very very eclectic so don't judge lol. So I've gone into my Spotify and popped my playlist on shuffle and these are the 1st 10 tracks to come on.. here we go.

Image by Viktoria🥀
1: Ten Tonne Skeleton
band, rock, and +44 image
2: When Your Heart Stops Beating
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3: Can't Truss It
paramore image
4: Hallelujah
Temporarily removed
5: In My Blood
music and the prodigy image
6: Voodoo People
follow and eminen image
7: Lose Yourself
gif and twenty one pilots image
8: Heathens
background, band, and oasis image
9: Cigarettes and Alcohol
P!nk and pink image
10: Don't Let Me Get Me