Here we are for the third one.

What are your top three pet peeves ?

It's a very tricky question. I'm a short-tempered person and everything can annoy me very quicly. Let's make a choice.

  • Injustice

Yes, it's a big word but really, any injustice in the world from the "little" ones to the huge ones enrage me. I can add irrespect, @ Trump, and all homophobic, racist, misogynist persons. Don't you dare say something like that in front of me.

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  • Mathematics

Me to my mathematics teacher ( poor one she's just trying to motivate me ) :

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  • Spiders

Those terrible little ( or HUGE ) things. I can't stand them but I try not to kill them.
( I won't post a photograph, you know why )

That's it. See you soon.