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Valeryia (Валерия):
Is from the Latin Valerius, an old Roman family name derived from valere, meaning to be strong, healthy. She goes by Val and Ryia (depending on the person, only loved ones get nickname privileges).

24. Gemini.

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dark chocolate coloured eyes, the kind your soul feels safe in. short black hair with a hint of a purple tone. soft details. accentuated lips. classic, mysterious. porcelain skin. has a tattoo of a bird and floral moon on her left ankle. Only paints her nails in dark tones, usually reds or black.

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American. Cuban.

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The most loyal friend you could ever have. Family oriented, selfless. Loves fiercely. Protective of the ones she loves most. Prefers a sword over a tiara. Soaks up knowledge like a sponge. Loves to learn, wants to learn everything that interests her. Writer. Thinker. Analyser. Can get lost in her own thoughts. Old soul. Can be sensitive. Knows things without you even telling her (intuitive). Easy to talk to. Comforting. Has strong beliefs and values. Doesn't usually lose her cool unless you hurt someone she loves. Takes time for her to trust someone. Humble, gets adorably shy at compliments. Loves her animal crackers. Has a tendency to ramble off with words no one has heard of before; huge English vocabulary. Can rely on her for a character reference. Attentive, even if she stays quiet she notices everything. Most beautiful when passion fills her eyes with warm light. Fascinated by Russian language. Organized, needs to plan. Learning to love herself.

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She has that vintage, classic vibe going on with a touch of American girl and badass.

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Literature. Prose and poetry. Old films. Relationships and human development. Women studies. Theatre. Singing. Crafty creations. Putting memories into tangible form. Animals. Being with her family. Nights-in with friends.

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Definitely a witch. Befriends other supernatural creatures who she knows contain goodness within them. Powerful beyond measure but you wouldn't know this by looking at her. Element: earth. Has a small house in a forest. Can connect to animals.

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Lives in a townhouse. New England style from 1920. Wood details. Cozy. Many books. Warm tones. Fireplace. Always smells like vanilla and sandlewood.

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Part time writer. Works for women & children social services. Pet sits on the side and volunteers at her local animal shelter.

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They met in a small used bookstore. He's intelligent, makes her laugh, romantic, matches her old soul. He's an architect and shares her love for animals. Gentle, kind, thinks before he acts, calming. Likes to take candid photos of her. Can listen to her talk for hours. Knows how to cook really well. Doesn't particularly enjoy old films but watches them with her just the same. Sarcastic humour. Hopes for the best, positive. The type of person who would give his coffee to someone who needed it more than he did. Appreciates art. Philosophical. Hates talking about politics.

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