autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Temporarily removed

Crisp wind glides past me
Leaving me cold everywhere
Except beneath my jacket,
My heart is warmed.
Mandarin colored leaf
Falls to the pavement and
A boot walks over it,
Whispering a crunch.
The town is painted in a mix
Of red, brown, yellow
And every shade In between.
Smell of spices in the air
Casually kindles my hunger,
Sends me home to make
Myself a mug of hot cocoa.
Its the time of the year that
Brings a feast for my senses
And lets my spirit roam free.
Month of haunted houses, yeah,
But the ghosts haunting my mind
have gone on vacation.
Just another page in the
Calendar, but these thirty one
Days give me an escape,
Give me an annual cleanse.
I can enjoy the year all over
But the pumpkin scented streets,
Late autumn; blooming marigolds
And all things sober
make me fall in love
With this orange October.