how to be kind ?

let me give you some tips. i'm doing this because i want our world to become a safe place to live in with good people in it.

➳ Be patient

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Patience is very important in order to be kind because we all need to be patient to get a good result right? to me patience is beautiful words because with patience we can create something beautiful out of something bad. i know it's hard to stay patient i totally understand but we can make it if we try to let ourself calm from negative mindset and thought that literally can kill our mind and others too. take a breathe and take your time to create beautiful art of kindness to new people or to people you love ❣

➳ Help others

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Help others no matter how small or how big the problem is. who know maybe just a little bit of your handy hands can help them to overcome, recover or learn from it.
it's not that hard but depends on ourself whether to do it or not and depends on how mature our mind and our perspective in certain things.
i repeat it doesn't matter how little your help i'm sure people will be thankful and appreciate that !

➳ Smile

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Some of you might think how does this thing relate to kindness? well let me tell you how.
smile can heal anyone especially when you're having a bad day. it kinda show that you're rooting for them and cheer up them i meant when you doesn't know how to cheer someone up this might help or you basically wanna help a stranger to smile. Smile have a lot of meaning but what is important is how think it is and how sincere we are to do it.

✎ i'm sorry if there any grammar mistake that trigger any of you or any mistake that i made from this article
anyway i might not inspire you to do all of that but i'm glad you read it but i hope you have a good day ahead 🌻

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