Hello beautiful hearters! today i will do the Food i love tag! everyone love foods right. I though it was really cute idea so I have decided to try this. I hope you like it. here we go :

  • 1. my favourite meal food
pizza, food, and yummy image pizza, food, and cheese image food, pizza, and yummy image chocolate, drink, and fast food image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pizza, food, and delicious image
i love pizza so much! i can eat the whole pizzas HAHAHA i like extra cheese on pizza! pizza for life LOL
  • 2. my favourite dessert
food, fruit, and drink image Temporarily removed drink, strawberry, and food image drink, food, and coctail image food, coconut, and strawberry image Image removed
cocktail. i love it! mixed fruits.
  • 3. my favourite snack food
food, McDonalds, and fries image Temporarily removed cheese, delicious, and French Fries image calories, fat, and french image Image removed Temporarily removed
french fries!! fries before guys LOL but mcdonald french fries are more delicious! for real.
  • 4. my favourite fruit
watermelon, food, and fruit image aesthetic, summer, and watermelon image cream, delicious, and food image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee fruit, food, and watermelon image Temporarily removed
watermelon. delicious fruit ever! i could probably eat them like 24/7 cause they are so yummy and also addictive
  • 5. my favourite meat
food, nuggets, and Chicken image Temporarily removed Image by Esther Chicken, fries, and good image food, Chicken, and nuggets image Temporarily removed
chicken is my favorite! i love chicken more than people.i just LOVE it! i also really like lamb,ham and a lot of other meats.

To seem positive I am not going to do any more categories for things I hate.

foods i hate:

Temporarily removed eat, food, and indie image books, coffee, and tumblr image food, tiramisu, and dessert image aesthetic, fit, and food porn image food, salad, and shrimp image
i hate coffee,vegetables,tiramisu and shrimp. LOL but i hate the most is COFFEE! shrimp is delicious but i cant eat it!! because of allergic :(

I love you all and I hope you enjoyed reading my article