1. What's your favourite movie?

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Harry Potter

2. What's your favourite tv series?

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Orange Is The New Black
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How I Meet Your Mother

3. What's your favourite anime or manga?

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Kimi Ni Todoke

4. Iphone or Samsung?

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5. Pizza or Sushi?

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I don't know 😭

6. Dogs or Cats?

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Dogs. I'm allergic to cats :(

7. What's your favourite board games?

monopoly image

8. Adidas or Nike?

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9. W'hat's the last country you visited?

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My Poland💕

10. Diamonds or Pearl?

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Diamonds 💎

11. Jogging or Swimming?

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12. Playstation or Xbox?

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Playstation forever.

15. What's your favourite videogames?

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Rainbow Six Siege
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Call of Duty

14.Favourite smell?

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Rain ☂️

15. Your color eye?

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16. Where were you born?

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17. What's your favourite car?

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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

18. What's your favourite flower?

flowers and roses image

Thanks for reading! ❤