Hi loves!

Today I'm writing about healthy lifestyle :)

I went back to healthy lifestyle because these days I eat too much junk food and it's not okay.

So in this article I'm writting about healthy lifestyle and how to start it.

Start it today! Don't wait!

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So this is a healthy lifestyle plan. If you follow it, you reach your goal.

1. Watch a documentary, read a book... about healthy lifestyle

It can helps you to look at food otherwise.

(Documentary: "What the health")

2. Hygiene

It can change your mind.

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3. Journal

"You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down"

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4. Eat clean

This is one of the hardest steps.

My suggest: Do it in small steps. Just start eating one healthy meal in a day, later - two...

Eat more vegetables and drink green tea.
Drink a lot of water.

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5. Exercise

Find your favorite exercise.

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6. Dress well

If you dress well, you feel well.

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7. Mistakes

It's okay. Just forgive yourself and don't give up!

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So this is my journey plan. (I found it in yotube, link below)

I want that you start your journey with me :)

Sorry for bad english.
I hope you enjoy