I love comfort. I love the comfort in the house. I love these cozy little things: small pillows on the couch, family photos, a soft blanket on the bed, a beautifully decorated table and the smell of baking from the oven. I love cozy clothes: knitted or just soft sweaters, if I buy, then at least one size larger than mine. I love scarves and hats with pompoms, mittens with a beautiful pattern, and I also love cute socks. I love the cozy cafes, such that you want to come with a friend, order a delicious cake and just chat, comfortably seated in a chair. I love this atmosphere in a cafe, especially before the holidays. I love cozy books that I want to re-read, like the first time, or those that you read for the first time, but you can no longer tear yourself away. I love cozy people. I love when I can talk to a man about anything; when it doesn't matter who writes first, the main thing is the communication itself. Comfortable people - those who are always there, they become part of you. They are the first to know your news, they worry about you, as you do for them. Such people are cozy for me. I love comfort. In all.

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if there are some mistakes then I'm so sorry, because english isn't my native language and I'll be thanksful if you correct me.