waddup I'm bored and have no one to talk to (or that i WANT to talk to) so here I am. Idrk what to say or write but meh. I guess all just spill the tea huh (idc if you don't care about this or if no one reads this but anyways this is like a self-therapy).

Last weekend was my birthay (yAy WoOhOo) and it was the most boring shit ever, the only good thing was that I got to not do my chores for 1/365 days and I get money from which my mom stays with the 20 percent of it. But hey, at least I got something.
I haven't seen my friends in like three months and this new school thingy is not the same. Still I get better grades so that's good I guees.

Anyways I've been really tired snd only get to sleep like 5 hours and in that time I've discovered some songs, so because I have nothing else to do 'll select some and stick them on here (added some in spanish too bcs meh, also it has some sad songs, some songs in spanish, some more that don't classify into anything, they have no practical order, so yeah) :

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Billie eilish - when the party's over
flowers, water, and aesthetic image
Brad Stank - Daddy blue
summer, water, and style image
Sufjan Stevens - Visions of Gideon, Death with dignity, Mystery of love
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Lang - million little reasons
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Ramona - Tristes ojos
Mature image
Caloncho - Mango taco
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J Balvin, ROSALÍA - Brillo
aesthetic, couple, and hands image
Rendezvous At Two - F*ck & feed me
love, couple, and kiss image
Salami Rose Joe Luis - Tell meeee Again
mirror, legs, and aesthetic image
Madson Project, Bijou - If you want me

the playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UG2KnGgodeYOeYha3j63Q