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Remember the broken bed story?

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On Page 1, I mentioned about how you kept on asking me why there was a broken bed in the living room.

Well, on that day, it was your first time to my house. And in your eyes, I could tell you hated it.

There was this small frown on your face that you tried so hard not to show, and your pink lips twitched in attempt to fake a smile.

You nodded, "It's a beautiful house."

I blushed and turned away from your face, embarrassed. You made it sound so sweet when you lie to me.

My sweaty palms were in my pockets, and from the corner of my eyes, I could see you swing back and fourth from your heels to toes.

Were you nervous too? Or were you eager to leave me?

Then finally you asked, "So do you watch TV on that bed? It doesn't look that comfy,"

I remember the sting on my chest when you said that. It was so clear that you wanted to leave this dirty house. Your words were coated with so much disgust that even it made me want to leave that house.

I thought, I would do anything. Anything for you.

"I'm kidding!" You punched my stomach and jumped onto the bed.

The squeaks from the broken springs of the bed got louder the more you shifted around, as you tried to make yourself comfortable.

At first, I asked myself, 'Are you not going to shout at her for doing that? She literally jumped on your bed, with shoes on!'

I was confused. How could I be mad at you? One look at your face and I would be as weak as a kitten. Do not even talk about how wild those butterflies are in my stomach.

At that moment, Adeline, you lifted the weight on my shoulders. You had no idea how badly I wanted to take a picture of you, just laying there with the widest grin on your face on my bed.

And that night, after a whole evening of talking while sipping our hot chocolates that I made, you fell asleep on that bed. I knew you were tired so I lied and said I was going to take a shower. A couple minutes later, just as I thought, you fell into deep sleep.