I just started my first year of college few months ago. Everything has been great except one thing : a really strange story about this guy. Let's name him Alex.

So Alex and I have 3 classes together. He's actually my cousin's friend and he introduced me to him the first day of school but nothing happened at that time. It all started last month, in our history class. I was sitting in the middle of the class and he sat at the back but we were in the same row. Our teacher told us to get up and take papers in front and as I was about to go, he was in front of me and he gestured me to go first. I thanked him. When I was about to take the papers, he was about to reach them too. He then again gestured me to take them first. I actually found it really cute because he was just being a gentleman (Well.. I think ). When our history class was finished, I was at my locker and discovered that his locker was close to mine but that's not important for now.

The next day, we had math together and I sat in the front row, right in the middle. I was doing my work and when I looked up, he was there, waiting for our teacher. We had a solid awkward eye contact for 3 seconds before I realised that i have to math to do. I've got to say I was a little bit flustered by that.

Few days had passed and we had another class together: economic. It was the class after our exam so our teacher was calling names for giving us back our exam. He was sitting just few desks beside me. When it was time to give it back, he started to walk behind me and I couldn't get up from my chair because he was stood still for a fraction of a second behind me. The thing is he could only walk 5 steps and give his exam but he still decided to walk all the way behind me then to the teacher. As we both got to our teacher's desk, Alex handed him his exam first then I handed it. But when he was done, he did not move. He waited for me to hand the exam then he started to walk away. Weird right ?

From that day, I see him almost every day. And last week, I jokingly thought if I see him at his locker (because I was heading to mine), it must be fate. Well guess who I saw few seconds later? Alex!

I have to say that he's pretty hot and has gorgeous eyes.

So I don't know if it's just some really weird coincidence or the universe is trying to talk to me... What's your opinion about all this ?