1 - A song by an artist you've seen live (or wish you could see live)

trip - ella mai

ella mai image ella mai image

2 - A song from a musical

no me preocupo - oliver y su pandilla

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3 - A song from a movie soundtrack

all the stars - kendrick lamar ft. sza

black panther and wakanda image music and black panther image

4 - A song you heard for the first time this year

one i want - majid jordan ft. partynextdoor

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5 - A song you know by heart

flowers in your hear - the lumineers

music, the lumineers, and lumineers image the lumineers, music, and ho hey image

6 - A song by a band

no more - prettymuch

prettymuch, boy bands, and beanz image Nick Mara, prettymuch, and zion kuwonu image

7 - A song by a female artist

garden - sza

aesthetic, garden, and green image

8 - A song in a different language than yours

gunerius (remix) - amanda delara

gif, norway, and skam image

9 - A song with just music and no lyrics

bella's lullaby - twilight soundtrack

twilight, edward cullen, and robert pattinson image adventure, art, and beautiful image

10 - A song to play during a road trip

ride - twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots, quotes, and alternative image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image

11 - A song to wake up in a good mood

not a one - the young wild

12 - A song that helps you self esteem

waiting for love - avicii

music, musica, and avicii image avicii image

13 - A song that describes your life at the moment

20 something - sza

sza image ctrl, music, and sza image

14 - A song your parents played when you were a kid

moscas en la casa - shakira

close up, eyes, and face image Image by Tely Tely Tely

15 - A "guilty pleasure" song

16 - A song that makes you wanna live during the 80's

take on me - a-ha

a-ha, cancion, and gif image

17 - A song by a boyband

bleach - brockhampton

brockhampton image brockhampton image

18 - A song that reminds you of the best times of your life

pose - daddy yankee

boy, daddy, and dance image daddy yankee and february birthdays image

19 - A song that reminds you of your last birthday

i do - cardi b ft. sza

cardi b, album, and music image music, performance, and trap image

20 - A song you'd play to someone who hurt you

love yourself - justin bieber

pink, quotes, and love image

21 - A song you'd sing to the love of your life

love - kendrick lamar ft zacari

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22 - A song that makes you feel like partying

no money - galantis

Image by mischief is in me🃏

23 - A song title that begins with the first letter of your name

dirty paws - of monsters and men

album, alternative, and apple image alternative, band, and empire image

24 - A song to play during sex

ocean - tk kravitz ft. jacquees

Image by lovely_moonlightworld

25 - A song you like by an artist you dislike

moonlight in atlanta - russ

26 - A song that reminds you of your best friend

fue amor - fabiana cantilo

27 - Song lyrics you'd get tattooed

you are a tourist - death cab for cutie

Lyrics, death cab for cutie, and codes and keys image

28 - A song you stop listening to for some reason

sunset lover - petit biscuit

29 - Your top 3 songs at the moment

ruin my life - zara larsson
last memory - takeoff
lucky you - eminem ft. joyner lucas

zara larsson image Temporarily removed eminem, goat, and marshall image lucas, rappers, and joyner image

30 - Songs by your 3 favorite artists

love galore - sza
therapy - khalid
too hotty - migos

Mature image shawn mendes, khalid, and singer image Image removed music, neon, and blue image

31 - A song by a girlband

all in my head - fifth harmony

fifth harmony and 5h image fifth harmony, lauren jauregui, and ally brooke image

32 - A song that makes you nostalgic

charlie boy - the lumineers

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33 - A song that makes your heart light up no matter what

waiting for love - avicii

dead, Lyrics, and rip image

34 - A song you love to sing

motosport - migos

gif, trap, and migos image

35 - A song that reminds you of your favorite place

barcelona - george ezra

boy, men, and musicians image Barcelona, Lyrics, and george ezra image

36 - A Disney song

de cero a heroe - hercules

disney, gif, and hercules image

37 - A song that reminds you of your country/hometown

de musica ligera - soda stereo

header, headers, and tumblr image

38 - A song for your funeral

cherry wine - hozier

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39 - An acoustic song (or acoustic version of a song)

hotline bling - kalle matson

Drake, hotline bling, and grunge image

40 - A song that gave you the chills the first time you heard it

waiting game - banks

41 - A song you love with a long title

carry on wayward son - kansas

42 - A song you love with just one word by title

home - dotan

Temporarily removed artist, black, and boy image

43 - A song that took you a long time to find again after hearing it once

welcome home son - radical face

44 - A song to listen to on a rainy day

mango tree - angus & julia stone

Temporarily removed chateau, music, and angus and julia stone image

45 - A song that makes you feel like a bad+ss

bodak yellow - cardi b

46 - A song that reminds you of someone you lost

47 - A song to work out to

yes indeed - lil baby ft. drake

Drake, yes indeed, and lil baby image Drake, celebrity, and luxury image

48 - A song about depression

49 - A song that will always remind you of your teenage years

brick by boring brick - paramore

band, gif, and live image

50 - A song from the 00's

'till i colapse - eminem ft nate dogg

eminem, life, and marshall image