Studying requires adequate amount of energy to get up and memorise a tone of notes - but as we all know, there are times when we are way too exhausted to sit at our desks and work; however, that doesn't mean that its impossible to still learn your notes when you're dead tired.

This article will show you effective ways you can still be productive even when you have no energy:

☆ Watch a documentary ☆

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Find documentaries on Youtube that talk about a chapter or subject in your syllabus. You can lay down on your bed, prompt your computer on your laps - with a little snack beside you while you watch the documentary. This is hands down, the funnest, easiest and most relaxing ways to study.

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On top of this, watching documentaries helps you gain a better understanding of the chapters you are learning; they provide a more in depth explanation of a subject. You get to know information that isn't available in your textbooks - and this information can be used to get you extra marks in your essays or exams because you will prove that you are doing extra research.

☆ Listen to a podcast ☆

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Another alternative is to plug in your earphones and listen to a podcast about the chapters you need to learn about. This method is less taxing than sitting at your desk reading your notes.

Auditory learning also allows you to retain information more effectively - you can replay the podcast multiple times to increase the chance of the information being remembered in your memory bank.

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☆ Do easy tasks ☆

Don't give yourself too much workload when your eye lids are drooping and your brain feels fuzzy. Take it easy and do simple things. Even if it just means cutting up flashcards for your next study session.

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You also have the options of writing down which topics you find difficult that need extra attention and work; you can write your goals for the week in your planner; or tidy up your desk for your next study session.

☆ Take a shower ☆

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If you are desperate to stay awake, you can take a shower to wake yourself up. Showers really works wonders when you're tired - you will feel brand new, rejuvinated and relaxed - putting you in a better mood to study.

☆ Increase your study break time☆

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Add more minutes to your usual study break to give yourself more time to rest your mind. If you usually study for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break, try studying for 30 minutes more but give yourself a 15 minute break.

☆ Get Active ☆

While you're on your study break, listen to up-beat music to get you motivated; dance to your music get yourself active. This will help boost your energy and focus when you're done with your study break.

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☆ Drink water ☆

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Coffee is usually everyones' go-to drink to have to get them alert - but drinking coffee can sometimes give you a short term boost of energy; Water on the other hand, is long term.

Water will help decrease mental exhaustation, get rid of your headches and forces your body to work harder. Make sure that you have a bottle of water beside you so that you can sip some water while you study

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That's all for today, loves! I hope this article helps you find the strength and energy to study when you're drained. Don't forget to give this article a like if you found these tips useful and follow me if you want to get more articles from me. I hope you have a lovely day!♡


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