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How often do you watch movies?

I watch movies when i have free time

Favourite movie genre?

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Last movie you watched and liked?

gif and wilde 1997 image

Last movie you watched and hated ?

Yanka (a new argentinian movie)

Favourite movie of all time?

<3, captain america, and chris evans image
The Avengers

Guilty pleasure movie?

brothers, chicks, and marlon image
White Chicks

A movie you've watched a million times?

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Movies that made you cry?

the book thief, liesel meminger, and sophie nelisse image the help, important, and quotes image
The Book Thief and The Help

Do you watch movies when they first come out?

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Sometimes and I always watch Marvel movies when they come out

What movie soundtrack is on your phone?

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Black Panther

Favourite movie from a book?

harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Read the book or watch the movie first?

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Read the book

First movie that comes to mind right now?

alice, disney, and kind image
Alice In Wonderland