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So.... first things first, a lot of lovely people have reached out to me after reading my "wanna be friends?" article, which is very nice, and i hope we can start a friendship and keep it for as long as possible.

Now, one thing that happens a lot with me is I get a lot of songs stuck in my head, since yesterday, 6 songs have been replaying in my mind. And i just decided to create a series of articles called #SOTDWithLah to list the songs that have been on my mind on that certain day, therefore, song of the day with me (or with love and happiness as i would like to see it).

happy, laugh, and life image

I've never seen this type of article around, but if you would like to do this as well, feel free to do so. Here we go...!!!

#SOTDWithLah ❁ 25/10/2018 ❁

cats, crazycatlady, and lonelyisland image the lonely island image the lonely island and floppies image the lonely island image
I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island
Image removed Image removed actress, alien, and cantante image alien, sabrina carpenter, and jonas blue image
Alien by Sabrina Carpenter & Jonas Blue
Temporarily removed Abba and dancing queen image 70s, Abba, and dancing queen image mamma mia, meryl streep, and movie image
Dancing Queen by ABBA
rouge, ragatanga, and aserehe image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed unicorn, ragatanga, and unicórnio image
Ragatanga by Rouge (Brazilian song)
adam, b, and behati image camila, maroon 5, and music video image activist, actress, and author image Temporarily removed
Girls Like You by Maroon 5 & Cardi B

Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles...