What is it? Who? or who are they? , I believe faithfully that depression takes place in stages.
the first is the loss of faith, when we lose the faith we had we stopped seeing the world in the same way and you start to hate it completely you realize the real people that you really have by your side, the second stage is loneliness when you realize what kind of people you have by your side you start to hate people that you used to love or liked, you start to alienate everyone and make a wall in your personality and invent a person that you are not, so that nobody dares to pass the walls of your heart you are more cold, distant and for everything you use sarcasm since you have no other way to defend yourself and the third is when you remember all the bad things that have happened to you in the solitude of your room, crying only in that place, needing someone to tell you that you are better than you think but in the eyes of the world you are a daughter of a bitch that the only thing that knows how to do is get into trouble and is there in your room when you need someone but you do not have to nobody is there when you give yourself Enta that you hit bottom.
 Many times we are not able to realize the way we change our personality, but it is not only our fault.
we have to live holding hypocritical and harmful people in our lives, fighting these people who are a monster but the bad thing is that in the end we become a greater monster, scaring and harming anyone who passes our perimeter permitted.
creating a hell in our own lives; accepting this hell. But it's not hell if you like how it burns ................