Day 8: about a feeling

monotony of the soul

A dark dripping hole, deep in your chest,
monotony poison your head,
dragging you down like a weight vest,
takes all energy, untill you can't even leave your bed.

It's not that you don't care,
you just can't think about change,
so you just leave them the way they were,
because better things seem out of range.

Hello you guys,
in this poem I discribe what depression feels to me, like the whole world coverd with fog, caring but not feeling like you could realy change anything and a lack of energy.
I think that depression is a important topic in this society, that more people should talk about it and the way they expierience it. Because it's diferent for everyone and if you don't tell what you feel, what is dragging you down, nobody can help you.
Hopefully you liked this article.

xoxo Sunny

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