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Hellow beautiful people!

I´m back with part 4 of the 15 Days Writing Challenge. Todays topic is a bit similar to the one on day 2. On that day I had to write about gratitude; what I am grateful for. Today the topic is:

Things that I could not live without

1) my laptop

I know this is a very cliche and dumb number one, but it is the thing I use the most and it represents around 80% of my hobbies and interests. I am not going to put my phone on this list too, just consider it as mentioned through this sentence, thanks.

Image removed Image by Hanna
I need my laptop for editing (especially video stuff); listening to music, watching series; movies and youtube videos; but also for writing and for school; I also try to decorate my laptop, but it still is not very well decorated.

2) pens and paper

No, not only because of writing and drawing. This is a little personal for me, but I have a pretty good imagination and I´ve always been pretty creative. Sometimes I make up whole universes in my mind and write down facts about the characters in it or draw maps of the places in there, ... I am a bit sad about the fact that I never write those ideas down as stories, but my mind is just too fast. While I am writing on the story, my mind already found a better imaginary universe to think about.

pirate, map, and aesthetic image quotes image
Sometimes I draw maps of countries, continents or regions; often they are plans for fictional cities, or I draw buildings and what is inside them (furniture;...)

3) my camera

Around 2 years ago I got my camera and I really could not live without it. I literally am in pain when I see animals near me which I would want to take photos of, but I do not have my camera with me. I do not know what I would do without my camera. Taking photos with my phone is ridiculous, the quality seems like the photo was taken with a toaster, although the camera on my phone isn´t even bad.

Image by Nero Atem bird, photography, and tree image
The second picture is an example of how my photos look like. As mentioned, I love to take photos of animals, but I basically photograph everything.

4) books

I think without books, there would be little imagination in the world. Nothing lets your brain interpretate so much into art as literature. Furthermore I don´t know what I would have done as a child, if I´d had no books. I loved reading and writing stories and I actually still do. I have to admit that when I was young, I was more interested in the game section of our local library, but I still read a lot of books. However, I kind of prefer to own a book myself and not just lend it. Additionally I am not a fan of ebooks. They might be cool when you are travelling, but I could not relinquish feeling the paper of a book. It is part of the reading-adventure.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I should probably read more again. This year I only read about 5 books. When I was younger, I think that was my monthly average.

5) my headphones and my stereo equipment

Without music, I would be nothing. I grew up with music, knowing its importance. To me, music can be an escape from my feelings, a jar of angriness, a preservation of memories and feelings... Music forms my soul. At the moment I listen to so many different kinds of music, so many different genres, I can´t even list them all.

Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and music image
When I am in a shop where cds are selled, I have to get dragged out, because I often am so in love with this huge collection of cds. Random fact: I play the piano for 11 years now.

thanks for reading!

Since I only just started writing articles, I am not an expert, but I hope you still enjoy reading those. Of course you can always give me advice! Well, thank you for reading and feel free to check out my profile, my other articles or write me a postcard. I´m very grateful! :D

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