there are some beauties on the internet. to be precise: some amazing music videos on youtube you must see if you like retro aesthetics, 80's futuristic style, melancholic tunes, American diners and crazy stuff mixed with some really good music.

don't forget to adjust the quality of the videos to 144p to get in the mood.

  • Under Wraps by Her's
blue, disco, and light image Image by aa
really, they are my favourite band/duo/musicians ever and came recently out with their aesthetically pleasing video
  • shouldn't you be doing something too by urbanation
aesthetic, flowers, and shadow image bed and aesthetic image
there's no official music video of this song, but watch the version by 'the worst taste', which gives the song the pretty cover it deserves. by the way, do you also get some peculiar results on youtube if you just search the title of the song?
  • I feel love by Donna Summer
disco, 70s, and vintage image glitter, lips, and aesthetic image
i feel love when hearing it. the only song in this list that is actually 'old'.
  • Speed Racer by Her's
Temporarily removed Image removed
my personal evergreen by Her's.
  • Manicure by Sports
fashion, shoes, and aesthetic image Abusive image
this video definitely belongs to the crazy stuff. honestly, i still can't explain what happens in there. it's like the wet dream of some hand fetishist.
  • Neon by Magdalena Bay
beach, vintage, and girl image aesthetics, beach, and gif image
recently found this music video with a great 80's style (video and music).
  • Drive Alone by Magdalena Bay
lips, pink, and aesthetic image gif and moon image
magdalena bay again. i actually like the video of 'neon' or 'waking up' better, but 'drive alone' is a groovy song in my opinion.
  • La Riviera by Tommy Newport
summer and girl image model, bella hadid, and black and white image
searching on youtube, you might ask yourself right now 'where's the video?' well, there is no video, actually. but the cover of the single looks retro. a little. like, imagine if the playboy had existed in the 1930s.
  • Working Out by Donny Benét
Image removed summer, aesthetic, and water image
although this video actually positions itself against the hype of gyms and fitness in a burlesque way, i like listening to it when going to gym. it actually has a great beat for workouts...
  • Konichiwa by Donny Benét
Image by loret aesthetic, diamond, and girl image
yeah, this guy again. don't ask what happens in these 4:40mins, just accept that it looks quite nice.

want more aesthetics? watch the channel 'i'm cyborg but that's okay'. it garnishes some nice songs with atmospheric movie scenes.
and maybe i find time to make another playlist like that with even better songs.