P.S This will be a long list since I'm a fan ..

1. This Is The Life
2. Super Girl
3. I've Got Nerve
4. Make Some Noise

"Don't let anyone tell you that you're not strong enough. Don't give up. There's nothing wrong with just being yourself, that's more than enough"

5. Just Like You
6. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
7. Every Part Of Me

"Maybe I will never be who I was before, maybe I don't even know her anymore. Maybe who I am today ain't so far yesterday, can I find a way to be every part of me?"

8. One in a Million
9. If We Were A Movie
10. True Friend
11. Life's What You Make It
12. You've been here all along

"But you can't sleep tonight
Though it is alright. You've been here all along"

13. Ordinary Girl
15. Bigger Than Us
16. Don't Walk Away
17. Don't Wanna Be Torn

"I thought you said it was easy, listening to your heart.I thought you said I'd be okay, so why I'm I breaking apart?"

18. Gonna Get This
19. Goodbye
20. The climb
21. I'll Always Remember You
22. I Miss You
23. Just a Girl

"It's been an illusion, I never meant to fool you
I got caught up in a fantasy"
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