I was watching videos of bloggers, who are from my country living abroad. All of them said that majority of their friends hadn't known about our country, so I decided to play a game with you and check is it True or not/ you have to find where i'm from. Let's Start!

I didn't write easy facts like there the biggest... and the first...

1) It is a BIG country

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so if you look at the map you can easily notice it

2) There live 120 representatives of various ethnic groups and nationalities. And people speak 2 languages.

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3) There are two time zones.

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ok it doesn't help :)

4) It hasn't own access to the ocean.

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5) But it has a unique climate.

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For example, the temperature maximum of capital city is + 42.6 ° C, and the minimum is 51.6 ° C.

6) We drink a hot tea a LOT

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even it is summer

7) Out of the 110 elements from Mendeleev’s table of chemical elements, 99 have been detected there

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8) And the last is that it is home of apples and tulips!

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I hope you have some assumptions
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