I don't know where to begin, so let me start with this. It was first day of high school i was a little bit late but it was okay. We went to the conference.I didn't knew anybody so i was feeling a little bit bad and shy but that was also okay, we sat down.We were waiting to conference begin. Then he came in,a tall, gorgeous boy.
Our eyes met. When i looked into his eyes i felt something different, like a feeling that no word can explain. well i had crushes but the feeling was different it was like i always have voices in my head that never live me alone but very first time it was quietness.I remember how i kept my breath till he sat down and gave his attention to his friends.

It started like this and after that some things happened that i want to share with you.The reason that i am writing this that i just can't keep my feelings inside me anymore and yes i do have a bff but sometimes it becomes so much that i want to share this more people that i can. i am gonna write like 10 chapters and at the end we will see that if it's another crush that will end up with embarrassment and tears or a love story that i can tell to my grandchildren. And if you ever had experience like that and if you want to share with me please let me know.
I hope i didn't made you feel bored and one last thing every end of article I'm gonna but a song to explain my feelings better.
First-David Archuleta - Crush