Self love.. Everyone has their own opinion on self love. Some say you have to be pretty and skinny to be able to love yourself. Some people say that skinny people are sick and should not be encouraged to love themselves because they are not perfect. Well here is some news for you. Nobody on this planet is perfect. It's literally impossible. We are should love and appreciate our body. We often forget how insanely beautiful and powerful they are. I have been bullied for all of my life since I had a growth on my eye. I flew to NYC 3 times to get it operated on because eventually it would've become a health hazard. It's a miracle that it looks the way i does today and I still get teased for it and they don't even know the whole story. I have never been incredibly skinny. I have a few pounds in the wrong places. I am no supermodel by all means. But I love myself. We all have something to be proud about yourself. Love your scars. All of them have a story. Don't ever look for acceptance in someone else, because they too are not perfect. Don't think that self love means you have to love everything about yourself. Self love can be exercising because YOU want to. Self love can be having a spa day. Self love can be a day of doing whatever you want to and makes you happy. Self love is nothing to be ashamed of. It's something we all need, men and woman. So love yourself, be yourself, because you are all so beautifully different.