Hello, my lovelies! I'm sure most of you know what a vision board or a vision journal are. In case you don't, a vision board is basically a board on which you put images that represent your goals, things you want to achieve, how you want to be, etc. A vision journal is the exact same thing but it's done on a journal, so it's usually more extense than a vision board.

How is it going to help you? Well, it's going to be really helpful. It's a good way to remember your goals and to stay focus. Having a visual representation is going to motivate you, sometimes imagining what we want is not enough.

My Vision (2020)

-God, Family and Friends

beautiful, faith, and god image bible verse image squad, black girls, and dab image Image by Cindy Temporarily removed Image by syd
I'll put God first in my life. My close relationship with my siblings will get even better. I'll love my nieces and nephews and I'll be the "cool auntie" who spoils them. I'll get to meet family members I hadn't met before and I'll have a good relationship with all my family. I won't lose my close and old friends but I'll also make new friends.

- University

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I'm going to do well at university, meet new people and enjoy my new country.

- Business/job

dessert, harper, and morgan image beautiful, life, and live image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Taby
I'll have my own business, focused on graphic design, inspirational quotes and poems. I'll take part in events.


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I'll volunteer frequently in my local area, but I'll also volunteer abroad.


yellow, aesthetic, and home image Island and puerto rico image Temporarily removed Dubai, beach, and travel image paris, travel, and france image nature, summer, and travel image
South Africa, Puerto Rico, Greece, Dubai, France and Indonesia.


book and quotes image catalan, valencia, and musica image quotes, win, and lose image Temporarily removed Image removed rosa, tumblr, and citazioni image
Besides my mother tongues (Spanish, catalan and french) I'll be able to speak decent portuguese and italian.


Temporarily removed art, alternative, and draw image art, braid, and hair image art, painting, and drawing image
I'll sell some of my art.


piano, music, and shadow image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed drums image Temporarily removed adventure, beautiful, and city image
I'll play the piano, the bass and the guitar. And I'll learn to play the drums. I won't stop being a sound engineer but I'll also be a DJ.


choreography, hip hop, and like image dance, dancer, and dancing image dance, dancer, and black and white image dance, video, and challenge image
I'll improve my dancing skills by taking dance classes: urban dance, contemporary dance and afrobeats dance.


cat, animal, and cute image cat, animal, and cute image
I'll have two cats.


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I'll get my driving licence and buy a car.


Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It thick, fit body, and body goals image melanin, aesthetic, and beauty image natural hair image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed self care, quotes, and selfcare image aesthetic, bathroom, and bathtub image girl, aesthetic, and vintage image
I'll keep my healthy eating habits. I'll see the results of taking care of my skin and my hair. Fitness and mental health will be very important in my life.


lovely, soft, and quotes image quotes, love, and words image quotes, love, and book image quotes, life, and words image pastel, quote, and quotes image brave, friendship, and funny image header, layout, and revolution image quotes, love, and self love image quotes, aesthetic, and hero image quotes and myyouthisyours image
My heart will be healed and I'll be in love with myself. I'll show love to my family and friends. I'll show love to other girls instead of criticizing them, I'll show love to whoever needs it, to my women, to the minorities, to the oppressed and to the ones hurting. I'll show kindness to the ones who hurt me and to the ones who don't deserve it.

I hope you enjoyed it <3