self-love is a tough thing to manage.

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it is hard to love ourself bc we usually spend our time seeing the bad and comparing ourself to others.
i do that all the time too.

but, instead of that, we should focus on loving ourself more.
self-love is not narcissism, it is well-being.

so, taking a little of your time to love yourself isn't selfish, it is just self-care.

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one of your priority would be to love yourself first.

i know how hard & sad it is to hate yourself, or just don't like yourself, and now that i'm over this, i can tell you that self-love will bring you some happiness.

no one can do that for you, you need to do that yourself.
you need to dedicate some time to yourself, and to have some will that you can love yourself.
yes we have some "flaws", but that doesn't mean we can't love them and love us.

you are your priority.

here are a few "tips" for you :

  • take some "me" time :
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give some time to your happiness.
  • stop comparing yourself to others
  • if it makes you happy, do it !
  • each day, make a list of something you like abt yourself & watch the list grow
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some song rec. abt self-love :
-love myself . hailee steinfeld
-body love . mary lambert

well, i hope you liked this article :)
take care, love you <3

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