Inspired by @Pam_AaRr

1. A song by an artist you've seen live (or wish you could see live)
This is Gospel- Panic! At The Disco

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2. A song from a musical
Michael in the Bathroom- Be More Chill

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3. A song from a movie soundtrack
Sunflower- Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser

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4. A song you heard for the first time this year
I Got Top in Bikini Bottom- Joey Trap

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5. A song you know by heart
Lucky- Jason Mraz

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6. A song by a band
Kokomo- Beach Boys

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7. A song by a female artist
Kindly Calm Me Down- Meghan Trainor

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8. A song in a different language than yours

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9. A song with just music and no lyrics
Secrets instrumental- The Piano Guys

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10. A song to play during a road trip
Can't Take My Eyes Off You- Frankie Valli

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11. A song to wake up in a good mood
Off to See The World - Lukas Graham

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12.- A song that helps you self esteem
Baliw- Maymay and Edward

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13. A song that describes your life at the moment
要你管- Olivia Ong

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14. A song your parents played when you were a kid
I Swear- All 4 One

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15. A "guilty pleasure" song
Coconut- Harry Nilsson

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16. A song that makes you wanna live during the 80's
Take On Me- A-Ha

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17. A song by a boyband
Wherever You Are -5SOS

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18.A song that reminds you of the best times of your life
Rude- MAGIC!

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19. A song that reminds you of your last birthday
Superhero- Lauv

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20. A song you'd play to someone who hurt you
Adored By Him- Dodie Clark

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21. A song you'd sing to the love of your life
So Close- Jon McLaughlin

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22. A song that makes you feel like partying
Fire N Gold- Bea Miller

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23. A song title that begins with the first letter of your name
Can I Be Him- James Aruther

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24. A song to play during sex
Dive in- Trey Songz

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25. A song you like by an artist you dislike
Sorry Not Sorry -Demi Lovato

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26. A song that reminds you of your best friend
I Just Called to Say I Love You- Stevie Wonder

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27. Song lyrics you'd get tattooed
Silence- Marshmellow, Khalid

sad, quotes, and tears image alone, back and white, and people image

28. A song you stop listening to for some reason
Until The End- Dirty South

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29. Your top 3 songs at the moment
Snowman- SIA
idfc- Blackbear
我的歌聲裡- Wanting Qu

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30. Songs by your 3 favorite artists
So Close- Tiffany Day
Ocean Eyes- Billie Eilish
The Boy In The Bubble- Alec Benjamin

31. A song by a girlband
Secret Love Song- Little Mix

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32. A song that makes you nostalgic
Long Live- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, speak now world tour, and better than revenge image etsy, Taylor Swift, and speak now world tour image

33. A song that makes your heart light up no matter what
Boys Like You- Anna Clendening

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34. A song you love to sing
I'm Yours- Jason Mraz

gif, jason mraz, and Lyrics image forever and im yours image

35. A song that reminds you of your favorite place
Uptown Girl- Billy Joel

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36. A Disney song
I Won't Say I'm In Love- Hercules

disney, guy, and hercules image cartoon, cliche, and disney image

37. A song that reminds you of your country/hometown
數字人生- 林子祥

hong kong, rainy, and travel image light, city, and japan image

38. A song for your funeral
Glorious- Macklemore

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39. An acoustic song (or acoustic version of a song)
Game Freak- Ghost Town

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40.A song that gave you the chills the first time you heard it

xo and the weeknd image Image by Dairin Echeverria

41. A song you love with a long title
Lying is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off- Panic! At The Disco

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42. A song you love with just one word by title
2004- Anthony Amorim

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43. A song that took you a long time to find again after hearing it once
Twenty Flight Rock- Eddie Cochran

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44. A song to listen to on a rainy day
Bad Day- Daniel Powter

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*45. A song that makes you feel like a bad*ss*
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant

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46. A song that reminds you of someone you lost
I Have Nothing- Whitney Houston

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47. A song to work out to
All You Are Is History- State Champs

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48. A song about depression
Words Fail- Dear Evan Hansen

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49. A song that will always remind you of your teenage years
Don't Stop Believing- Journey

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50. A song from the 00's
Lose Yourself- Eminem

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Lennon xx