I keep somehow getting my feeling shattered over and over again. They first get you all warmed up to them. They break that hard protective shell so that their actions will hurt more later on when it's too far gone. You start to feel again after swearing that you never would, you let them in. You think there is something there. You start to feel and see the sparks. Little did you know baby girl.. They ripped a cable and threw in into the puddle you were standing in. We were looking for the sparks so bad that we never realized the pain they were causing us. Now that you see that you were just a game to them, you start to feel the pain. As soon as you realize that it was all a lie that's when your world starts to crumble beneath you burnt feet. You were played with, it was your fault that you let your guard down, its because you are not good enough for them, It's because you are so unlovable.. Well I am here to tell you its all crap. You are not the only one going to piles of tissues, waiting for the I miss you texts. Honey it's all going to be okay. You will feel horrible but there is always a new day waiting for you. Cry, let it all out. Its a human thing that we all have to go through and boy if I could I would be hugging you. But at the end of the day you will be even stronger and prepared for the next thing to come your way. But baby girl.. It's all going to be okay.