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rm: sorry but the idea was rejected...
suga: and they also said the trip lasts 1 week and not for only 2 days...
jk+tae: WHAT?!?!?!

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the girls were really unhappy

au: that's alright! we don't have to be sad and make them sad too!
iu: exactly! it's a good opportunity for u guys
jm: hope all we'll be okay
tae: why don't we meet tomorrow evening to have dinner all together and have a good time before leaving?
all: good idea!!!
jk: iu, let's return home, it's late
iu: oh okay
tae: same for u dree

jk goes away fast with iu, when they're outside alone he hugs her (surprised)
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jk: I'm so sorry,,,,so sorry,,,, we won't be able to see for a long time

iu: don't worry

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she looks into his eyes and smiles

iu: all will be okay, because we trust and love each other, am I right?
jk: yeah...I'm so happy you're like this *she's such a good girl * but I'm sad anyway
iu: we'll chat everytime

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jk:..... let's spend the rest of the night together
iu: of course... ^he's so innocent... but I love seeing his smile

also tae and audrey go outside

au: why are u so in a rush?
tae: a week it's a long time, let's spend the rest of the time together to compensate

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au: I agree hahaha I love this positive part of u tae: first I want a kiss photoshoot au blushing: yes...
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tae: I'm so sad I won't be able to kiss u....

au: me too...
tae: now let's go to my balcony! we'll see the stars together!

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they play with yeontan listening to music
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au: it's so beautiful
she opens her arms, closes her eyes, breaths. Tae hugs her from the back
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au: I love this song...

au singing
tae: me too, maybe because it feets us really well
au opening the eyes: you're right it's our song
tae: I'll put it as my ringer
au: me too

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they dance and then lay down
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tae: and that's our star
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au: yes, we'll call it taedree
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to be continued...