I read @thegirlwhosalive 's version of this article and decided to do my own. Go check her article out!

My friends are all very weird but I love them to death <3 Here it goes:


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Lou is a dreamer and a writer. Her and I think in such different ways and it's cool to have some of that contrast in my life. She makes me consider the whole picture. She's a directioner, which is why we became friends, but also an extreme book nerd like me. Lou also has really great style.


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She's such a delicate little flower that wants everyone to be happy. Her hugs are the best. She always smells good and knows the right things to say. An extreme perfectionist that is too hard on herself sometimes. Has really bad humor but always manages to make me laugh.


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Obsessed with food and makes the best cookies EVER. Loves coffee and stationary. Knows every vine and meme out there. He's the one you go to if you want to laugh. Has inherited his mother's talent for photography and is also an incredible musician. He also has the best music taste out of all of my friends.


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Sofia looks like an angel all the time. She likes to wear pastel colours and she loves dogs. We are polar opposites. She has made me laugh so much that I cried more times than I can count. Is very smart, determined and ambitious. Likes to paint and is really good at it. Swears that she makes the best scrambled eggs. Hates reading and loves to prank people, even though her pranks go wrong at times.


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Has the bluest and prettiest eyes I've ever seen. Loves books just as much as me. Will always say yes to some onion rings. Is an extrovert and can befriend anyone. Doubts herself a lot even though she doesn't need to. Loves spring and hates running. She's a very talented actress.


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Loves Star Wars and anime. He is older than me but is just as immature. We've been friends for a very long time. Is sad but tries to live his life as fully as he can regardless. Dreams to live in Canada one day. Always compliments me and puts up with my whining. We live in different countries but still have a great friendship.

That was it, thanks for reading :)
Anna x