Hello hearters, so I've written a lot of If I were articles. You can check them out in the collection below. I haven't seen a lot of ATLA one's so I thought that I would make my own. All of the article I've got inspiration will be at the end of the article. Let's get started.


fish, art, and white image lua, sol, and yin-yang image
Yin- from yin and yang which represents feminine, black, dark, north, water, moon, cold


asia, castle, and ice image avatar, wallpaper, and waterbender image
I'd be from both the northern water tribe and the southern water tribe.

Element I Would Bend

sea, water, and ocean image red, aesthetic, and sea image
water bending and blood bending


Image removed braids, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed girl, beauty, and skin image
Long brown wavy hair thats always in dutch braids, blue eyes with thick eyebrows and freckles.


ice, antarctica, and iceberg image ice, art, and fantasy image
Orginally from the northern water tribe and was friends with princess Yue. Her mother died from illness when she was 4. When Yin was 5 she learned that she was a water bender. Her father left the northern water tribe with her and traveled to the southern water tribe.
ice image beauty, glacier, and ice image
Once she got to the southern water tribe she met Sokka and Katara. She lived in the southern water tribe until she was 10 and the raid happened. Her father died during the raid and I ran away to travel
geisha, gong li, and japanese image dancer, film, and memoirs of a geisha image
Some people wanted to escape by boat and go to the Earth Kingdom. So I snuck onto the ship when no one was looking. I travelled around until I got to Kyoshi island and met the Kyoshi Warriors. I became a kyoshi warrior and trained with them until the avatar, katara and sokka visited kyoshi. I joined them on their journey.

main enemy

red, aesthetic, and lightning image Image by too many ocs
Her enemy is the fire nation for what they did to the northern and southern water tribes.

love interest

zuko, avatar, and dragon image Abusive image

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