I'm a girl who wants to express herself here, i hope that this article is the first of many.
I'm from Italy, I'm 17 and I'm attending my last year at high school. One of my passions is art, I love drawing and visiting museums, in every city with a museum you can find me there lol.
Another passion is fashion and everything of this "world", my style is a particular means of express myself, but sometimse I like changing it. Moreover We hear it is a big source of inspiration.
As every girl I have positive and negative aspects. I'm kind, generous, unselfish and sensitive but on the other side I'm very touchy, stubborn and a little bit self-centered but obviously this not means that I don't mind about my family and my friends.
I'm totally a romantic, I'm that kinda girl who sees love films, what I prefer of that type of film is when characters fall in love with each other andi in every film is different. I don't know how explain me clearly, but as someone says I'm in love with love and I hope to fall in love one day because i can not wait.
That's all...for the moment