Hi, it's me again. I have another article today and this one is something I LOVE reading, watching, and talking about. I really would love to see a lot more Conspiracy Theories on this site, as I think they are very interesting and it's fun to see other's points of view. Today, I thought I would bring you a theory about the Missing Malaysian Airplane as well as one about your technology listening to you (with a couple personal stories). So here it is, copied straight from my blog a few days ago.

Flight 370 Abducted

The disappearance of the Malaysian air flight 370 is something that I am super intrigued by. I feel like people are not talking about it as much as they should and maybe I just live under a rock and don't see it, but this flight just disappeared into thin air without being found. This plane had 239 people on board, and in 2014, it completely went offline, missing, no trace left behind. Based on the fact that the plane could fly for 7 hours without running out of fuel, it was said that the crashsite would have been about 1000 miles west of Perth, Australia; however, there is no wreckage to be found. A boeing 777 went completely missing, vanished before our eyes, and no one can figure out why.

There are several theories as to what happened to the plane, but I have always thought that it was something inhuman or extraterrestrial. It is just way too weird for a plane to not only go missing but to completely vanish as if it were never here in the first place is something I cannot accept.

So, then one day, a twitter account posted a screen recording of a voicemail he had received that day and people took this and ran with it. They came up with a connection between the two that may be completely ridiculous, but I personally can see it.

This voicemail was a sequence of seemingly random words and names but it was actually using the Nato Phonetic Alphabet. Using this to decipher it, the voicemail said 'Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human. 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS.' It sounds terrifying and crazy alone, but with what was put together with the flight- call me crazy- it makes sense. The set of numbers included was put into google and they were given coordinates to a place that is pretty close to where Flight 370 disappeared... weird right? Is that a coincidence or are we onto something? So, then the question of where the voicemail comes from. Someone on twitter kindly explains that the voicemail sounds like a black box recording from the plane.

What is a black box recording?

  • It is the last interactions from the plane along with coordinates of the plane.

Next, we finally get the last conversation that was had with air control. This is where we put on our detective hats because this conversation is seemingly normal until you watch the way the pilot speaks. He starts off speaking confidently, not stumbling or stammering, but then close to the end, he begins stumbling over his words and saying "um" a lot, something one would do if they were nervous. However, the eeriest part is just a little snippet of another voice. It is very quick, but resembles a shriek, yell, or even a shocked gasp. Despite this, the Pilot says his final words and then proceeds to then go off the radar, and the plane was never found again.

So the conspiracy between the two is this: there was an entity on the plane that was inhuman, it goes to the cockpit and opens the door to join the pilot, and starts making the pilot nervous which is why his speech starts wavering. Then the door is opened, by the entity or whatever, and it scares the flight attendant which is the quick yelp. Finally, the inhuman entity makes the pilot end his conversation say goodbye and go off the grid, never to be seen again.

"Good night Malaysian 3-7-0."

So this may be crazy, and I will admit it isn't high on my list of conspiracies I believe in, but it does make me think about it more and I could see that it is a possibility. I mean, we have nothing to go on when it comes to this flight, so why couldn't this be true? If the flight had been abducted or taken to a secluded place by nonhuman forces, would the governments want us to know? Wouldn't they try to hide it as best as they could? Whether it be for our own protection or because they are all working together, we don't know, but it is interesting to think about.

Also, in one of Shane Dawson's videos he speaks with the guy who posted the voicemail online, and he says as far as he knows it is a real voicemail. He said he was picking his brother up from school when he received it and upon hearing it decided to post it because he thought it was strange. So if the voicemail is fabricated, it is fabricated from a higher source yet to be found.

Your Phone Listens to you

Okay, so I will talk about a lighter, more fun theory- or fact. This is practically known by everyone know, but I thought I would talk about it and share my personal experience with it.

So basically, the 'theory' is that the apps you use, the government, secret FBI agents that live in your phone, whatever or whoever, listens to you through your phone- or through anything for that matter. There are people doing tests and talking about something they've never needed or searched to see if they would get a sponsored ad on their social medias, and I have yet to see one fail. It's super strange, but Facebook claims they do not use your microphone to dictate which ads you see, but obviously someone does.

As for me, I have never wanted a tamale, I have never googled tamale, I have never said tamale, I wasn't even sure what a tamale was, but after watching Coco I began quoting it throughout the house several times a day. There is a scene where the family is eating and the grandmother offers the boy more tamales and he says no to which she says, "I asked if you wanted more tamales."

I said this so many times my family got sick of it. I don't know why, I just thought it was funny.

Fast forward to one innocent day I was scrolling through Facebook and I get a sponsored ad FOR TAMALES

It was just a picture of a tamale and it was an ad and it said sponsored and it said something about wanting a tamale...


Most of my ads are clothing ads from websites I shop on a lot, maybe a Pizza Hut ad, but never a random tamale ad.

Also, we have a Google Home. I watch Grey's Anatomy. I noticed that whenever someone said "Okay Grey," Google would hear it and chime in, listening. So I rewound it, played it again, it happened again. I rewound it again, played it again, it did it again. So then I looked at my dog and said OUT LOUD "Google thinks the show is talking to him..." I then said, "okay grey" but nothing happened. I rewound the show to try that method and it didn't work again. So then I yelled it and still, nothing happened.

So basically, I'm either crazy, or the guy living in the Google Home doesn't want me to know he too is a Grey's fan...

Anyways, that is that. Those are just a couple conspiracy theories I believe and wanted to talk about today, I am already plotting my next conspiracy post; I have so many I want to talk about, but until then, have a good day.

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