Is a Latin name meaning beautiful, loving, lovable. Introduces herself as Bella, which is what everyone calls her.

23. Capricorn.

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Petite. long golden brown hair usually in waves. green/hazel eyes. delicate gold jewelry. sparkles. lace. winged eye. painted nails (always). Many mistake her for being aloof or snobby, but when she smiles everything changes.

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Italian. British.

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"I'll get over it. I just have to be dramatic first."

Perfectionist. Sociable. Open-minded. Adventurous. Determined. Spirited. Compassionate. Flirty. Easily bored. Young at heart. Always laughing and joking around. Always there for her friends. She's the type of person who forgives easily but never forgets. Very good at running away from her feelings and ignoring issues that give her anxiety. Rebellious, doesn't like to be told what to do, isn't fond of tradition. Actions speak louder than words for her, but words hurt. Doesn't want to fit in but needs to be liked. Superstitious. Loves attention and drama follows her around wherever she goes. Psychoanalyzes everyone in secret. Knows more than she lets other's think. Doesn't trust people who don't like Nutella. Falls in love with souls, not genders. Desires deep conversations with people, wants to see their minds.

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A feminine, subtly preppy, romantic chic combination. Never wears anything sporty. Never wears jeans, t-shirts, or hoodies. Loves any excuse to dress up.

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Music. Psychology. Human physiology. Mysteries (she's really good at figuring things out). Historical Fiction, Vampire Fantasy. Languages. Culture. Relationships. Architecture. Travel. Loves to help those in need. Being with children.

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Definitely a princess, but with a hidden dark side of some sort. A princess with secrets.

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Barcelona, Spain.

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Simple. Mediterranean style. Many flowers, palm trees. Sunshine. Bright. Beautiful balcony. Pool. Fairy lights. Lives with boyfriend (or best friends). No pets. Always smells like jasmine and passionflower. Always has music playing or TV on for background noise.

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She ends up marrying her childhood best friend. They understand each other unlike no other. He's everything she ever dreamed of and more. Her missing half and partner in crime. Her home, her heart, her soul. He's a lawyer, confident, spontaneous but responds well to crisis, coaches soccer. Always teasing, daring, laughs as much as she does, wild heart. Takes pride in his appearance. Generous, alluring, protective. Loves few, but loves for life. Popular and very sociable, can talk to anyone. Craves to be loved for who he is not how he looks like. Huge sweet tooth. Leaves an impact on people. Loves children, hates cats. Reads people exceptionally well, wise. Superstitious. Multi-lingual. Shares her deep love for music.

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Starts off with good coffee and a morning walk throughout nature. Shopping and fun with the homies. The vampire diaries and/or the originals. Night walks in the city. Really late nights filled with wild, crazy fun.

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Elementary English teacher. Volunteers with Red Cross to help children in need.

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