Hello my lovelies! For today's article i will be sharing with you some easy & effective tips on how to make new/more friends. Let's begin!

Basically just be yourself & don't be shy. If you are a shy person, go out of your comfort zone & talk. Be the first to start up a conversation. Give a compliment. That's a great ice-breaker.

Smile to strangers & to people who you think you'd like to be friends with. & definitely be kind. This shows that you are an approachable and likable person.

Talk to some acquaintances you'd like to be friends with. Talk to them when you see them. Hangout with them.
If you like reading & go to Barnes and Nobles, start a conversation with someone you see who's into the same types of books as you. You know that you have something in common with them. This is just an example, but use it with your hobbies.

I hope these 3 easy tips help you make new friends as they did to me. Thank you so much for reading. & remember each and every one of you are beautiful & unique in your own way, with new friends or not yet ;)
besitos y abrasitos from yours truly