Here is my ranking of the season finales of Grey's Anatomy (1-14).

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14) Season 11

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Richard and Catherine get married, everyone is still getting over Derek.

13) Season 4

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The team work together to rescue a boy trapped in cement.

12) Season 7

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A young girl is the only survivor of a plane crash. Meredith's tampering with Derek's trial is revealed.

11) Season 3

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Burke and Cristina's wedding is set to happen and doesn't go exactly to plan.

10) Season 13

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An explosion hits the hospital and Stephanie is trying to escape.

9) Season 8

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Several of the doctors are involved in a horrific plane crash.

8) Season 10

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Cristina's farewell episode :(

7) Season 9

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A huge storm hits Seattle.

6) Season 1

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George gets syphillis, a shocking twist in the end reveals something about Derek.

5) Season 12

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Owen and Amelia's wedding.

4) Season 2

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Seattle Grace hosts a prom, Denny's condition gets worse.

3) Season 14

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Jo and Alex's wedding.

2) Season 5

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Izzie's condition gets worse and George leaves to join the army.

1) Season 6

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A shooter invades the hospital, putting all the doctors' lives at risk.