I recently just did some serious spring cleaning (in fall) and realized I have lots of winter jackets, yet I do not actually like any of them that much. So I wanted to make a collection of winter jackets here at weheartit to show what options are out there and how you can play with color and textures. Many wear black winter jackets, including myself. But this does look a bit depressing and since it is already darker outside during the winter (at least in some parts of the world) the darker colors does not exactly help bring light to your day.

I am from Scandinavia. Today the sun emerged at 8 am and set at 5:30 pm. As the winter progresses the darkness will grow. The sun will rise at 9 am and set at 3 pm. Most of us are forced to be inside at the hours when the sun shows itself since we all have to work or go to school. The lack of sun causes so called vitamin-D depressions. It basically means that when you do not get enough sun, you will not get enough vitamin D into your body, and the lack of vitamin D causes you to feel depressed. The further north you go, the more common it is.

This article is to brighten those dark days of winter with a display of fun winter jackets. Maybe if more people wore brighter colors, not just in summer but also in winter, those dark days would feel more bright. It is not the solution of all problems, just an idea.

1) Fancy

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A fun color and with fun details. Wear this to a bit fancier events. Like a winter wedding.

2) Fluffy

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A jacket of cotton candy. Crazy cozy for those winter mornings when you do not feel like leaving your bed.

3) Country

Maybe not the brightest color but again really cozy and with a more natural look. This is for long walks with family.

4) Vintage

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Color, pattern, buttons and coziness. To wear when going to the park and the café with your friends.

5) Romantic

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Color, lace and hugable. Maybe going on a date?

6) Traditional

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Colorful pattern on a neutral color. You could wear this when going to winter markets or going out for drinks.

7) Business

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Ignore the sweatpants and look only at the coat. Fun pink with a classical cut. Wear to work!

8) Bold

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Bright red. Stand out at the party.

9) Military

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Not into bright colors? This jacket is in a darker shade, and with great details, but not black. Bring spring to you faster with green. Wear this when you go shopping and end up at the movies.

10) Odd one in

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Again if you do not like color, this one is still light colored and has patter on it. Wear when going sledding.

Hope I got some people out there inspired. I found so many great jackets and coats, these are just a few of the ones that I personally liked the best. What do you think?