i have seen a lot of this recently so i thought why not doing it too, so here it is my "if i were a princess"

NAME: Kaleena Eriksen

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Kaleena means flower in polish, it's a variant form of Katherine.

AGE: 18

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cold and kinda rude but has a kind heart. Sarcastic af, like to joke around with people who gain her trust. thinks that everyone can have a chance, feminist.


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wears a lot of dark colors like red or black, like to have, most of the time, big or really extravagent dress but sometimes, she cool it down by wearing oversized t-shirt or sweater.


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most of the time she has big crowns but sometimes she likes to keep it simple and has a little tiara.


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She has a white wolf called Moony, a black horse called Nyx, a black cat called Salem, a white cat called Bjorn and a white dog called Snak.

here is my "if i were a princess" :))