Hi guys!

I hope everyone has been doing well.

As you can tell by the name of this article, I will be writing about what Kpop merchandise that I have. Also, the cover image of this article is a picture of all my merch.

Skool Luv Affair Album
Love Yourself: Her Album version 'V'
Love Yourself: Tear Album all four versions
Love Yourself: Answer Album all four versions
Army Bomb Light Stick Version 3

Flight Log: Turbulence Album
Present: You Album
Eyes on You Album all three versions
7 for 7 Album
GOT7 2018 Version 2 Light Stick
Official GOT7 “FLY IN USA” Tour Light Stick, T-Shirt and Poster

YOU MAKE MY DAY Album all three versions
Director's Cut Album both versions
Teen, Age Album 'Rs' and 'White' version

True Colors Album 'Volume II - II' version

Knights of the Sun Album
SENSUOUS Album both versions

I'm trying to grow my collection and at the same time trying not to spend a lot of money but sometimes you can't help it.

Do you guys have any merch?

Hope you guys enjoyed my little quick article and I hope to be back next week with my monthly playlist for October.

Thank you for reading and hope you guys have a great day.