HI lovely everyone!
To make littles pauses between my uni works, I wrote this article where I talk about the female singers I loved (and still love for some of them) most during my childhood, teenage years and at the moment!

Amy MacDonald

She is a part of my childhood and listen to her songs for so long! I have always found her voice special and her songs meant everything to me when I was a teenager!

  • Poison Prince
  • This Is The Life
  • Mr. Rock And Roll
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I discovered her really recently. She has such an angelic voice and her songs are everything I need at the moment!

  • Home
  • Runaway
  • Running With The Wolves
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Avril Lavigne

A reference when I was young! Everyone was knowing her at that moment! I even made a drawing of her once, while I was in sixth grade!

  • Everybody Hurts
  • Smile
  • Here's To Never Growing Up
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I love her voice so much! So deep and light at the same time! Her songs are so significant and real! And she says simple despite being popular!

  • Wings
  • Let It All Go
  • Skinny Love
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Coeur de Pirate

This french singer was a huge part of my childhood too! Her voice is deep and her songs somewhat special and a bit dark.

  • Golden Baby
  • C'était Salement Romantique (literally: It Was Badly Romantic)
  • Comme Des Enfants (literally: Like Children)
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Edith Piaf

Such a reference! Probably the best know French singer in the world! Her songs may be outdated, her voice and technique never age!

  • La Foule (literally: The Crowd)
  • Sous Le Ciel De Paris (literally: Under Paris Skies)
  • Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (literally: No, I do not regret anything)
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Florence Welch

I was not a big fan at the beginning but I happen to love her more and more! Her voice is so extraordinary!

  • Ship To Wreck
  • Spectrum
  • You've Got The Love
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Ida Redig

I discovered her recently and I absolutely love her voice! I find it's really cool she sings in her language and it's so beautiful!

  • Everywhere
  • Förlåt För Alla Sånger Som Jag Sjungit Om Dig (literally: Forgive For All The Songs I Sung About You)
  • Se Mig (literally: See Me)
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I love this new French artist! Her songs are so related to the today's society topics and she makes them affordable to anyone!

  • Makeba
  • Souldier
  • Alright
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Katy Perry

She was a big part of my teenage years! Her songs resonated so much with me at that time!

  • Firework
  • Part Of Me
  • Wide Awake*
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Also a big part of my teenage years! She is so vibrant and colourful! I knew her songs by heart!

  • C'Mon
  • Take It Off
  • Tik Tok
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Lana Del Rey

I've been a biiiiig fan of her for so long! I needed dark and love songs at that time and she was perfect! I calmed down now, but some songs are still on my playlist.

  • Ride
  • Gods & Monsters
  • Video Games
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Laura Pausini

Probably the best and most talented Italian singer of her time! I am listening to her since my childhood, as my mother is Italian! Her voice is really strong and she climbs perfectly in the treble!

  • Benvenuto (literally: Welcome)
  • Io Canto (literally: I Sing)
  • La Solitudine (literally: The Loneliness)
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Lauren Mayberry, from CHVRCHES

My latest love that lasts! Her voice. So vibrant. So real. So high-pitched. Enough said. Just listen to her, and you'll know.

  • Miracle
  • Science-Visions
  • Tether
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Lily Allen

Her songs may seems commercial, but I sometimes find myself in them and I find them really significant and related to a particular mood!

  • Fuck You
  • The Fear
  • Somewhere Only We Know
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The Queen. I love her since a long time and her songs still resonate with my soul and my mind! She sings exactly what I need to hear and it's amazing!

  • Yellow Flicker Beat
  • Green Light
  • Team
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Marina & The Diamonds

Her voice is so deep and strong! I've always been in love with her, since her beginnings! Her songs always mean something! She isn't afraid of what others may think of her songs and it's so amazing!

  • Savages
  • Oh No!
  • Forget
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Nolwenn Leroy

I didn't like her at all during the time when she was following her record company to create songs. Then, she made an album by herself about the French region where she is from, Brittany, and I'm totally in love!

  • Tri Martolod (literally: Three Sailors (in Breton))
  • La jument de Michao (literally: Michao's hare)
  • Juste Pour Me Souvenir (literally: Just To Remember)
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In love since her duets with David Guetta. Even more in love since Maddie Ziegler danced in her video clips. I loved this idea so much! And then I realized her songs really speak to me and are soooo significant and real!

  • The Greatest
  • Elastic Heart
  • She Wolf
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Her voice is so special, a little crackly, and her songs are so related to the problems in society, to travel and poverty!

  • Je Veux (literally: I Want)
  • On Ira (literally: We Will Go)
  • Paris Sera Toujours Paris (literally: Paris Will Always Be Paris, reprise from Maurice Chevalier)
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Thank you so much for reading!
I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you maybe discovered, or rediscovered, some new artists to listen to!

Radiating Love!